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Empowering Event Promoters to Get the Word Out

Event Roar empowers you to promote your events quickly to online calendars, print and broadcast media. Amplify your exposure with just a few clicks, saving time and expanding reach.

Save Time

Because You have an Event to Run

You’re focused on putting on a great event. Do you really want to spend it getting the word out? By the time you find the right publications, figure out how to submit your event, register and fill out a form you have easily spent 30-45 minutes. Are you going to spend 10 to 15 hours of your time for 20 publications? More?

With Event Roar, you enter your event once and we handle all the submissions for you. Our site is designed for ease, and in under 10 minutes you can set our digital minions loose to spread the word. 10 minutes or 10 hours…what is your time worth?

Find Publications

We do the busy work

Publications come and go, but we keep track of them all so you don’t have to. With our innovative matching algorithm, we find the right publications to submit your event. We factor in the type of event, location of the venue, and submission deadlines to create a refined list of publications where you will achieve the most success.

Check Submission Status

Who is Publicizing Your Event?

Of course submitting your event to a publication doesn’t mean that your event is accepted. Quite often you fire and forget, wondering if you are getting any coverage. Event Roar monitors activity to give you the insight into where your event has been published online. Once confirmed, we give you a link to the publication page so you can see yourself.

Monitor Performance

Are People Seeing Your Event?

Your event is published and now you can kick back and relax. After a brief pause, you start to wonder whether those publications are generating any interest. Event Roar monitors the performance of your event and let’s you know what publications are working best. That visibility helps you gauge whether extra marketing efforts are warranted.

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